The Kingdom And The Covenants: A Survey of the Bible

Archived sermons from Pastor Miller’s ministry at the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Franklin Square can be found at SermonAudio, along with all current Trinity Church sermons.

Walking By Faith Conferences
2012 – The Good Life – Ken Myers, Mars Hill Audio Journal

Sermon Series
A Tale Of the Eternal City: Back To The Future In Nehemiah
Reformission Impossible
The Lost Kingdom – The World Of the Future In The Book of Beginnings
The State of The City
Closet Life: Praying Like Jesus
God Talk
God In The Mirror: How Jesus Changed Humanity
Heavenly Days: The Strange Tale Of A Departed King
Grace Notes
Back To Basics

Other Sermons 
Damned by Righteousness: The Sin That Loves a Good Pew
Christmas Amid the Siegeworks: An Ancient Tale of Hope
Adding Spiritual Value (Dr. David Innes)
Satisfaction Guaranteed: An Rx for Spiritual Eating Disorders (part 1)
Satisfaction Guaranteed: An Rx for Spiritual Eating Disorders (part 2)
Two Kingdoms, and a Rite of Passage
The Good Samaritan (Part 1)(Dr. David Innes)
The Good Samaritan (Part 2)(Dr. David Innes)
Semper Reformanda: The Fountain of Youth for the People of God
Clear and Present Danger: Worldliness 101
Weapons Against Worldliness: Sacrificed Bodies
Weapons Against Worldliness: Renewed Minds
Christ Came to Save(Dr. David Innes)
The Word and the World: Christmas Meditations
The Pharisee & The Tax Collector(Dr. David Innes)
Power of Love: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Jesus
Power of Love: Losing Yourself in the Easter World
The Great Banquet(Dr. David Innes)
It’s All Over: What Went Down When Jesus Sat Down
Baptism by Fire: Have You Got the Spirit?
One and Many: Yours, Mine, and Ours in the Kingdom of God
Fuel for Weary Fathers (Gene Mayer)
Following Our Crucified Christ (Dr. David Innes)
Trusting Our Sovereign God (Dr. David Innes)
With Paul in the School of Contentment (Eric Farkas)
Good News of Great Joy (Dr. David Innes)
Argumentative Prayer (Dr. David Innes)

The Disciple Network
The Disciple Network: Gen Z Meets The Jesus Way (Part 1)
The Disciple Network: Gen Z Meets The Jesus Way (Part 2)

Agenda For Radicals [PDF]